Weeks 5-27

Week 5


Cedar @ 3.4 Years Old: The natural history museum has to be one of his favorite places in the city...happy that it's one of mine too.

Week 6


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: The first time he painted a picture that didn't eventually turn a shade of gray due to the never-ending mixing of colors.

Week 7

Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: I call this one, "A Boy and His [Pathetic] Sad Hound Amongst Moving Boxes"

Week 8


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: I don't think this really needs a caption to be honest.

Week 9


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: Our last time at the Lincoln Street playground before we moved to our new apartment

Week 10

Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: Cedar being a saint while we cleaned, painted and prepped our new apartment. He was armed with the essentials folks: IPad, race car pillow, horse blanket and a fully consumed lunch.

Week 11

Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: The early stages of getting C's new room set up. His space was our priority as we unpacked the apartment.

Week 12


Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: Exploring our new corner of Prospect Park.

Week 13


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: Easter Egg squatting.

Week 14


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Cedar serving up some Breakfast Club vibes in his snazzy jacket.

Week 15


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Cedar and his new baby sister, Willie.


Willie @ 1 Day Old: A head full of hair and a speedy arrival. Our hearts are full.

Week 16


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Loving his new role as big brother. Always asking if he can hold her, it usually lasts about 20 seconds.


Willie @ 1 Week Old: Getting to know her papa.

Week 17


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Taking the oversized headphones look to a new level. ALSO: What did parents do before the IPad?


Willie @ 2 Weeks Old:  Checking out her new world.

Week 18


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Riding carousels continues to be one of Cedar's favorite activities, I'm just glad Papa can go with him.


Willie @ 3 Weeks Old: Papa is often in photos this time around thanks to Etsy and their 6 month paternity leave policy. We are all SO grateful. 

Week 19


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Taking in the cherry blossoms.

Willie @ 4 Weeks Old: My first Mother's Day as a Mama of two.

Week 20

Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Modeling his completed craft project.

Willie @ 5 Weeks Old: Hand for scale (and warmth). Miss W getting her one month check up.

Week 21


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: This past week, our little guy's appendix ruptured, leading to surgery and a nine day stay in the hospital. It was---traumatic to say the least. Luckily we are surrounded by great friends and family who were there supporting us each step of the way.

Willie @ 6 Weeks Old: This is Willie's resting face--no but seriously. Despite that, she was a real trooper being dragged back and forth from the hospital, taking bottles for the first time and being held by an assortment of friends and family.

Week 22


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Getting an ice cream treat with papa attempting to put back on some LBS after his hospital stay.


Willie @ 7 Weeks Old: Just some gal pals hanging out.

Week 23


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old & Willie @ 8 Weeks Old: Mornings have become my favorite time of day thanks to these two.

Week 24


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old & Willie @ 9 Weeks Old: A moody threenager, a hot dad and a crying infant = #accurate. Happy Father's Day PJ! I absolutely love you and our tiny tots.

Week 25


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old: Playing at the fun water feature at Domino Park in Willamsburg (where the ol' Domino sugar factory used to be).

Willie @ 10 Week Old: Her face about 90% of the time.

Week 26


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old: Enjoying his cake push-pop at the Dekalb Market Hall.


Willie @ 11 Weeks Old: What did I tell you about that face?

Week 27

Cedar @ 3.10 Years Old: I can't express to you what an amazing big brother Cedar is--kind, gentle (most of the time?) and always willing to help.


Willie @ 12 Weeks Old: She mixes in some pretty spectacular smiles amongst her serious scowls.