Three Years Old


Cedar is such a joy + such a handful, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's been hard keeping track of everything he says and does, but here's my ol' college try. 

  • Continues to love vehicles of all kinds, dinosaurs, and reading books to himself (most often when using the toilet--he recites / reads green eggs and ham to himself and it is adorable)
  • Became obsessed with the Moana soundtrack (much to my dismay, but only the 300th time I listened to it)
  • Really into mama recently, "mama has to get me my drink", "Mama needs to read me a book" ETC
  • Funny things he has said: "I'm having so much fun in my life!" , "Is that your top beard papa?" (Referring to his hair...) , "Oh my, what a busy day!" , "Let's dance with books." (because why not?) , "Peanut butter kiss!" or "Egg Kiss!" (or whatever remnant of food is on his mouth when he gives papa a kiss goodbye for the day) 
  • Absolutely challenging us at every step of the way--a woman stopped me on the street the other day and triumphantly proclaimed, "My, he has such spirit!" AND I WAS THINKING, "HMMM that's one way of putting it." :)