2 Years 11 Months Old

  • "Mom, you're kidding me", "Mama, how did you get so smart?", "Silly Cedar!" "Silly Papa!", etc.
  • Loves Octonauts (though he calls it Octopus, and insists that's the right way, since I guess, it is)
  • Spent much of his last month on the beach, jumping in the waves, building sand castles, and in general becoming as sandy as humanly possible
  • Has an obsession with "cold water" as opposed to the regular temperature
  • Has become great at bed stalling tactics, from yelling, "I just need ONE DRINK, ONE MORE DRINK", to "Please just say one more prayer for me!", or "I want to pray for my friends!"
  • Talks about his birthday on a daily basis, and doesn't understand the idea of patiently waiting (do any of us really?)
  • Really into stomping...enough said