2 Years 9 Months

  • Calls his...you know...a "peener" NO idea where that came from
  • Really made leaps and bounds with potty training. Is usually dry during the day and lets us know he has to go even when we are out
    • UPDATE: WE ARE ALMOST THERE. He is still having accidents on occasion, but he is wearing big boy underwear (most places) and even using the potty all by himself when we are at home (in face, he insists he has privacy)
  • When he is playing by himself, we occasionally hear him reciting lines from his favorite books (which continue to be "Train" and "Secret Pizza Party")
  • Also overheard: Him saying things to his stuffed animals that we say to him, "You need to sit at the table" "You have to go to a timeout" "You need to walk quietly" OH BOY...at least it's not the other things :D
  • Loves creating and building (train tracks, blocks, legos, etc.)
  • Pronounces the word "friend" >>> "fraaaaaahnd" (PJ and I can barely hold it together)