2 Years 7 Months Old

  • I feel like this picture only adequately displays in a nutshell what having a 2 year 7 month toddler is like, complete with snot bubbles, whining and a lot of angry stomping
  • We have definitely entered the "I want to do it by myself" era, or as I like to refer to it, "I'm gonna take my time stalling anything I don't want to do era"
  • Has started to say, "But Mama..." when answering a question or a request I ask him
  • Has started to do even more hilarious (if that's possible) dance moves must notably are his dangerously Beyonce-like hip movements (and when he does this while holding his guitar = priceless)
  • Officially mastered the limp limbs tantrum move, equally impressive and frustrating -- it's as if he is dislocating his shoulders or something
  • Thomas and all things train related continue to be his favorite toys (including books)
  • Has successfully flushed a pair of his "big boy" underwear down the toilet, although attempts have also been made with screwdrivers and other misc. items...what will be next?
  • Potty training continues to go slowly, but every now and then I see glimpses of my diaper-free future (although sometimes that meshes into my pee-everywhere future)
  • Loves to go on afternoon walks (when we take the dog) so he can look for flowers, his favorites (which he can identify) are daffodils and tulips
  • Finally seems to be identifying colors correctly--for whatever reason this has alluded him / he just hasn't been that interested / he pretty much only sees black and white and grey in his house :D
  • LOVES his little friends, one time he asked me to text them for him to see if they could play
  • Continues to LOVE trains
  • Started loving a new show called Story Bots and requests it frequently