3 Years 3 Months Old


This last two months have been nuts, for whatever reason, here is a brief recap:

  • LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES listening to music at all times
    • Favorites include: Movie soundtracks (Moana, Zootopia, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Dory, and CARS -- officially can't take "Life is a Highway" anymore), "Lone Ranger music"-- ie: Hank Williams, "Pirate Music" -- ie: Celtic Punk / Hardcore? 
  • Some rather funny things he is saying these days: "It's not better for me", "No sir!" to either PJ or myself when we tell him something he doesn't want to hear, "Christmas, Santa, what are you talking about!", in response to us telling him that Christmas was Jesus' Birthday: "But he's not a real man, just a pretend one"; "Can I play for five more minutes?" -- always and forever
  • Always requests "Cold water with some ice in it"
  • Has been waking up every morning recently requesting five eggs for breakfast
  • Still insists he has to use the bathroom 100 times from about 8pm (when he goes to bed) to 8:30pm (Usually he comes out of his room, says he needs to go, and then looks at us and says, "What are you guys doing?" FACE PALM
  • Wants to eat his PB & J sandwiches on tortillas, calls granola "crunchies", raspberries continue to be his favorite fruit, but pancakes still take the top prize
  • Completely elated by all things Christmas, but mostly the decorations and lights
  • When asked about Santa his response is usually so-so...he recently suggested to PJ that he should tell Santa what he (Cedar) wants for Christmas when we go see him and up until this point has only requested a bat, and no, not the baseball kind, but a LIVE BAT "like at the big zoo"
  • Recently asked for french fries on his toast -- so we're definitely winning at this parenting thing