2 Years 4 Months

This is so far behind that I don't have much in my memory that isn't so much what is happening now rather than what has happened in the past month.

  • Trains Trains trains
  • Talking like a maniac and repeating EVERYTHING (need to watch my mouth!)
    • Favorites include: "It's really hard to wait", "That's delicious", "Go Knicks", "Nice to meet you", "How are you?", "I need help with dis", "I wanna play ____  [insert: horses, my kitchen, cars, books, blocks, legos, trains, music]", "Oh dear"
  • Loves watching Mouk and Sarah and Duck on Netflix
  • Continues to love his Richard Scary books and any and all books about trains
  • Reallllllly into basketball hoops and basketball