2 Years Old

How how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how. Anyways, that pretty much sums up my feelings about the situation. Here's what's going on these days:

  • Reeeeeeeeeally into horses, thanks to watching some equestrian jumping during the Olympics (a typical toddler favorite)
  • Has just started getting into more imaginary play (which is SO fun to watch)
    • Loves taking vehicles of all kinds (cars, planes, etc.) and driving them all over the couch, the edge of the table, on my legs, etc.; he also always makes the "choo choo" noise depsite the fact that he hasn't really learned anything about trains (we think it's due to Daniel Tiger)
    • He got a kitchen for his birthday and HE LOVES to pretend cook and make things and serve things
    • Building with blocks continues, and not always with the intention of destroying (at least that's what I'm telling myself...ha)
  • Loves to talk and is beginning to talk a lot more (a lot more phrases); He said his longest sentence thus far, "I saw a big horse" -- at the Prospect Park Zoo -- not sure it was actually a horse, but it vaguely resembled one, so why not
  • Continues to love planes, helicopters, bikes, buses and cars
  • Well, his love of Uptown Funk continues, but Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" is making a push for first place -- not sure which of these I enjoy less at this point, though anything I have to listen to 20 times in a row isn't going to be my fave
    • One hilarious side note: while listening to Danger Zone, he now stops and says, "I hear guitar" while holding his hand up to his ear
  • On this note, he is talking a lot more about what he is sensing (ie: seeing, hearing, tasting,)
    • When he hears cicadas in the trees, he says, "I hear?" and often remarks on hearing a bus or helicopter or car
    • He also has started saying, "I see...[put anything he sees here]"
  • Completely lost it at his 2 Year doctor appt. -- I'm talking full on screaming and clinging -- so that was FUN
  • Will randomly come up to you and say, "Hi!" which I think is his way of making sure you are paying attention to him
  • Has officially graduated out of his "high-chair" into a booster seat, which he loves
  • Helps feed Coco everyday and set the table
  • Does not like to wear real pants (ie: jeans, trousers, etc.) ONLY elastic waist things
  • Takes his shoes off every time before coming in the door and sets them down one at a time under our shoe bench (he started doing this completely unprompted)
  • Is now daily devastated when Papa leaves for work in the morning and asks me whenever he hears any door shut in our apt. building, "Papa?"
  • Continues to use the potty regularly and is getting better and better at telling us when he needs to go--he's even used a public restroom. So we are getting there!
  • Started to say, "I wuv you" and it's probably the cutest thing he's ever done--maybe

That's all for now! Summer is finally coming to an end and we are very much looking forward to cooler temperatures and the beautiful color that fall brings into our midst.