21 Months Old

  • Though going down slides remains a top contender at the playground, the drinking fountains are like a moth to a flame with this dude
  • LOVES nature documentaries (read: Planet Earth)--he SQUEALS in delight whenever any animal comes on screen and I swear when it is some epic shot of mountains, the ocean, etc. he says "WOAH!"
  • Whenever he hears music blaring from a car on the street, he starts dancing on the sidewalk
  • Bubbles and chalk, bubbles and chalk
  • Favorite book is entitled: "Where's the Poop?" -- it's an actual thing
  • Will sit on his toilet seat, tear some toilet paper off, throw it in the toilet, and then proclaim, "all done" -- so we're almost there?
  • Will give most anyone a bump and a high five, even if it's very begrudgingly 
  • LOVES his peanut butter and jelly

This is short, sweet, and oh-so-late! Until next time! XOXO!