20 Months Old

These are some of my most recent favorite pictures of Cedar. I went in to get him from his nap, but he was so content rolling around and giggling in his crib I had to grab my camera. I love his hair when he wakes up because it's extra crazy--if that is even a thing his hair can be. Nothing particularly noteworthy this month, unless you're his parents--then EVERYTHING is noteworthy. :)

  • Loves throwing rocks into water (especially if we are at the beach)
  • Borderline obsessed with animals. He squeals in delight if he sees a cat, dog, etc. and BIRDS oh my word his love for birds is unmatched. If he spots one in a tree he stops and yells, "SEE!?" and his favorite exhibit at the Bronx Zoo was the North American lakes, which of course had a lot of birds, ducks most importantly.
  • Says "please" and "thank you" pretty proficiently, but still needs to be prompted most of the time
  • Continues to LOVE books and will now bring you books to read to him over and over and over and over and over (see where I'm going with this?)
  • Has THICK feet, not wide, THICK, there's a difference
  • He has started talking a lot this month and will attempt to repeat most everything we say
    • New words this month (a lot of "names" of people): ball, bye, noodle, hi, outside, bubble, book, love you and coco (Dakota), deedee (Randy), taytay (Taylor), lala (Lance), cece (Lisa) -- a theme perhaps?
  • While he is about to (or is in the middle of) doing something he knows he isn't supposed to do, he looks at us and says, "No! No!" So he's...learning? He will also go up to something he knows he isn't allowed to touch and say "no" while waving his hand back and forth
  • BUBBLES -- literally he wants to do them ALL THE TIME
  • He will stand by the door and say, "outside?" if or when he wants to go out
  • Started bobbling his ball in his hands while making this hilarious "o" shape with his mouth agape
  • Loves going down slides (and has on occasion flown off said slides) 

LOVE this boy! He keeps us on our toes, and for now that's all we can handle. Ha! XOXO!