19 Months Old

  • When we have forgotten to say grace before dinner (like we usually do), Cedar will grab each of our hands, gently reminding us to bless the meal
  • He has started repeating so many phrases and words but rarely uses them on his own accord. Some favorites include: "Good girl" (to Dakota), "Drop it" (also to Dakota), "Please", "Thank you"
    • Another recent occurrence: saying, "no" and "yeah" to a slur of (what we think are) hilarious questions
  • Has become very giggly lately--it's getting easier and easier to make him laugh--he especially LOVES whenever Dakota plays with him, whether it's fetch or wrestling. I never hear him laugh harder than when he's with her.
  • Can still be spotted reading a book (still LOVES those flap ones), though other favorite toys right now are legos (the Duplos kind), his v-tech cars that sing and talk (AHHHHHHHHH), and anything cardboard he can turn into a hat, car, or house
  • Really likes to practice walking backwards--because that is an extremely useful skill
  • Finally started being ok with being dropped off in daycare---THANK YOU LORD!

That's all for now! More later. XO!