18 Months Old


This one is short and sweet for a lot of reasons, mostly because it's hard for me to find time these days to sit down and do this and because I haven't been good about keeping track of things. Also, there aren't as many "milestones" per se and more just funny moments and experiences. Nevertheless here they are:

  • Said his own name for the first time, at least officially
  • Admires intricate iron fences on our walks around the neighborhood
  • Loves stepping and jumping in puddles
  • LOVES Sesame Street
  • His favorite song to dance to (besides Uptown Funk) is "In Motion" by The Lighthouse and the Whaler
  • Loves to run and say, "Go, go, go!"
    • Also says, "go" and then throws a ball
    • Also just says "go" A LOT
  • Started repeating and saying a lot more words in the last month 
  • Has a weird case of stranger danger---especially around men
  • Loves his friend Hollis (who was pictured a few weeks ago), the two of them are becoming quite the pals