2 Year 2 Months

Here is yet another attempt to capture the fleeting memories of the month / the silly things my 2 year old does.

  • Really likes to say, "I want sungdle (snuggle)." But really that means just hide under a blanket with me or have me read him the same book over and over (BUT HE ACTUALLY STAYS SOMEWHAT STILL, so victory!)
  • All about the "Otay", and thinks it's really funny to say it over and over repeatedly in response to a question
  • Horses continue to be his favorite--he may also occasionally ride Coco as a horse, oh and also PJ whenever he does push-ups in our living room "I ride the horse!" -- as he runs to jump on his back
  • Talking in more and more sentences and repeating almost everything we say
  • Continues to love books, "Construction Site, Construction Site" and "Steam Train, Dream Train" are top contenders this month, as well as "The Lone Ranger"
  • Makes "kashi" (coffee) with papa every morning and takes it very seriously "I love kashi."
  • Thinks it's hilarious to go, "woah woah woah" and pretend like he's going to drop something or act dizzy
  • Starting to talk about dinosaurs and trains
  • Enthusiastically gets all of his instruments out whenever Papa starts to play guitar; his favorite is to hit a tambourine with a stick 
  • Dances or bobs his head to most music whenever we are in coffee shops or restaurants