17 Months Old

Just a regular ol' update here, nothing particularly noteworthy, except for everything since I'm his mom and I think he's incredible. :)

  • Reaches on top of everything to get to everything--NOTHING IS SAFE
  • Really into keys--he wants to try putting them in holes, pushing them into things the shouldn't be pushed into, and generally trying to use them as he sees us use them
    • When PJ gets home, after smiling, giggling and waving at him, he points right to his hip where his keys hang, in hopes Papa will hand them over
  • Started pointing purposefully--he has been pointing for awhile, but now he points to something he wants or wants to see, etc.
  • Started standing on his tippy toes and also doing this funny gallop thing
  • Eats sandwiches / bread crust first and usually upside down
  • Likes to spin around with one arm out--then tries walking, you can guess the end result
  • Has begun to push his hair out of his face -- always with both hands
  • Loves to attempt putting on shoes, mostly by grabbing his foot and trying to shove it in
  • Loves looking under or around furniture or misc. items to looks for puzzle pieces or toys that have gone missing
  • Speaking of puzzles--he LOVES them and is weirdly good at them