11 Months Young

I can't even comprehend that Cedar is 11 months (and well, because this post is SO late, almost 11.5 months). With every minute that passes, I see him slowly changing into a little boy (HOW? WHY? WHAT?!). Let's get down to the highlights:

  • WE HAVE TEETH PEOPLE, well only two bottom ones, but they finally came a few days after 10 months
  • Adorable waving has commenced (this also happened just a few days after 10 months); sometimes its a very slow open and closing hand approach (in any direction--facing him, completely at his side, backwards,etc.), and other times it is reminiscent of a heil hitler -- yeah, we're working on it
  • Pointing has also begun, and is usually accompanied by mumbles of some sort indicating of course that he is CLEARLY talking about what he is pointing to
  • Started walking with a walker at Grand-bab's (my mom) house --though he doesn't really bend his knees and his feet pretty much just point random directions at any given moment (Fun Fact: while he walks with his walker or really anything he can push, he makes a motorboat sound with his mouth)
  • He is cruising around very fast and swiftly, but continues to lower himself to the ground like a sumo wrestler
  • Started loving pushing cars back and forth, around and every which way; balls have also become a favorite (he will throw them and crawl after them, and will play "catch"); but any instrument or shaker that makes noise has still remained number one
  • Has become incredibly ticklish (especially around his neck, his rib cage and at the top of his thighs)
  • He met (and pet) a cow in Washington while we were there for my sister's wedding--he seemed very unsure at first, but then started squealing and laughing and trying to hit the cow 
  • He also got his first bee sting while we were in Washington! I think I was probably freaking out more than he was, but he was a real champ about the whole thing
  • Loves books with that "peek-a-boo" thing--you know where you lift the flap and it reveals something? He is surprisingly gentle and always squeals after he lifts the flap
  • He will repeat and mimic a fake laugh (but he won't do it if there is a crowd of people and his mom wants to show them his trick--then he just sits there and stares at you like a crazy person)
  • For a brief period if you said, "Cedar can you say MOO like a cow?" he would do a moo-ish sound (now he pretends like he can't--see above)
  • He seems to always be talking to himself, or sometimes to us--he sounds very serious and focused AND OMG it is so cute sometimes I think my heart might explode
  • Continues to terrorize Dakota--but in the sweetest way (it's possible, trust me)
  • OH YEAH--he opens cupboard doors now; he's particularly interested it getting something out and sliding back and forth on the floor (like a car)--I'm sure our neighbors downstairs LOVE IT

Taking pictures of him is proving to be more difficult with each passing day. Taking one in focus is a whole other ball game. Oh and of course, we continue to be smitten with him! <3 XOXO!