10 Months Young

Well you guessed it, Cedar is another month old. I know everyone says it goes by fast, BUT dang, they weren't kidding. Here is what he's up to (although it might be shorter to make of list of what he's NOT up to):

  • Cedar has confirmed that crawling at warp speed is possible (especially towards open fridge doors) and somehow in these speedy time trials he manages to barely make a sound (in most other crawling around the apartment he has the gracefulness of king kong)
  • Constantly stopping in the middle of crawling to do a "downward dog" (See photo above)
  • I would say about two weeks ago he really started pulling himself up on EVERYTHING, however Best in Show goes to when he pulls himself up to his toy piano and plays standing (we're working on his rock stance); funny to note he always very gracefully lowers himself
  • Speaking of his piano--the adorable poking and gentle playing has given way to some serious SMASHING--and by that I mean while smashing the piano with his hands he maintains a very serious, concentrated look
  • Possibly one of the most adorable things he does now is sit and "read" his books (though it is upside down 50% of the time); he turns the pages and genuinely seems so curious 
  • Just started cruising while holding on to things in the last few days--he still seems pretty unsure about this
  • Feeds himself like a champ! Bananas, avocados and HUMMUS (as well as quesadillas?) remain his top food choices--although he loves pancakes, waffles, and he's warming up to eggs
  • STILL NO TEETH! Despite the fact that he is showing all the signs of teething (and has for some time)
  • Discovered the joy of the toilet paper roll OH and the toilet
  • The top of his toes are always dirty thanks to crawling around on my PRISTINE floor
  • This kid doesn't stop--he goes from one thing to another to another to another--I've repeatedly asked him to "pump the brakes" but he doesn't seem to get it
  • Memorable firsts this month: licking the oven door, sticking his hand in the toilet, eating toilet paper, going in a swimming pool (HATED IT), trying spicy food (and loving it)

MAN we love this kid! Now, excuse me while I go make sure no more toilet paper is eaten. XOXO