9 Months Young

So, these pictures aren't the best, but they accurately sum up Cedar "Smash" Herring. As I was trying to take his picture, I had to distract him by letting him chew on my lens cap (picture 1), he got bored so started moving toward me (picture 2) and finally outstretched his hand to take the camera from me (picture 3). Here are the 9 month bullet points:

  • Literally a few days after the 8 month post Cedar started crawling, and for the first day it was slow and hilarious...now it's terrifyingly ninja fast and I feel like our apartment is a war zone
    • Loves tipping over Dakota's water bowl / eating her dog toys
    • Races to the bathroom to open all drawers and pull everything out
    • Climbs on, over and around Dakota -- He will go straight over to her if she is chewing on a bone and take it out of her mouth. She does nothing to stop it. He also head butts her, its hilarious. (BLESS HER!)
    • I guess he also head butts a lot of things in general--he just kind of gently rams his head sometimes on the carpet to roll over or stop
    • If I sit or lay anywhere on the ground, I become an instant jungle gym
    • Possibly tried to eat our trash can
  • Will pull himself up to his knees (if he's holding on to the coffee table above him), BUT he will push himself up on his legs just from the ground (downward dog style)
  • LOVES empty boxes and these empty water bottles I filled with beans 
  • Very contemplative -- has to investigate everything, check everything out -- you can see the tiny wheels in his head turning at every new experience or problem
  • Such an amazing eater! He's not too sure about feeding himself yet (Dakota is loving all of the food he is throwing he on the ground), but he will pick up avocado, LOVES strawberries, pieces of toast, chews on strips of cucumber, and more and more we pretty much give him what we are eating
  • Speaking of eating, a lot of times while eating he will hold his arms straight out to his sides and do this most of he meal, it seems like it would be excruciating, but he is unfazed
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo and has become incredibly ticklish (especially under his rib cage)
  • Such a talker -- he will play by himself and just babble on and on (though he gets a bit shy around strangers)
  • Has started throwing mini-tantrums when he doesn't get something he wants (YAY!)
  • Got his first cold a few weeks ago and it was sad and mad (READ: He HATES the nose frida)
  • He has started reaching his arms up to be picked up 

I feel like there are a million other things I am missing! If I think of them, I'll update this list. Probably the best thing about right now is hearing the faint pitter patter of his chubby little hands on the floor as he is rounding a corner or trying to beat me to D's water bowl. And dang it that kid beats me EVERY SINGLE TIME. But oh, how I love him. XOXO