8 Months Young

Our baby is turning into a little person. I wasn't aware this was a thing, but apparently it's normal. Here are the 8 month bullet points:

  • Can get up on all fours, once there he rocks and rocks and then collapses
  • Manages to scoot backwards using only his arms (this looks like it takes entirely too much effort)
  • Essentially does somersaults on his changing table while getting his diaper changed (and somehow always manages to at some point grab a wipe and put it in his mouth, he never likes the taste, but hasn't lost hope yet) 
  • Shakes his head in the "no" motion usually in response to PJ, but just as regularly on his own accord for no reason (I hear it could be related to teething)
  • SPEAKING OF TEETHING----ouch, this guy has been hitting it hard; drooooooooool like you've never seen, along with general grumpiness and not sleeping-wellness (HELLO 5am everyday)
  • He LOVES hands--he is mesmerized by them which isn't something particularly new, but he has started twirling and shaking his own hands in the air, and putting them up and down, and he literally thinks this is the best thing ever
  • Ceiling fans continue to be a big hit--I put ours on a higher speed today and he started smiling and audibly squealing
  • Eating like a champ--he hasn't refused any food, and is drinking water through straws brilliantly
  • Says, "Dada" and "Mama" but really just babbling and we're about 100% sure he doesn't know that he's referring to us, BUT IT'S STILL AMAZING and he's probably a genius
  • Has started to play PJ's egg shaker with surprising skill
  • Flirts at restaurants with people sitting at other tables

That's all for now, because the babe beckons. XOXO