7 Months Young

I swear I blink and this kid gets two inches taller. Never has a month passed faster than with this guy. He turned 7 months while we were in Texas with my mom, sister and my sister's future MIL looking for wedding gems at Round Top (a HUGE antique show). It was a lot of fun, and I lot of firsts for C, namely his first cowboy boots, cowboy hat and I think he even tried some refried beans. Here is what Cedar is doing these days:

  • Eating like a maniac (one could say he lives to eat); hasn't turned away really any solid (ahem pureed) foods we have given him
  • He has successfully drank through a straw (though perhaps by accident) and will sip from a cup, but he can't really wrap his mind around the whole sippy cup thing
  • Teething like a crazy man! Drooling has become perhaps his only pastime; constantly doing weird things with his tongue, sucking in his bottom lip, and absolutely EVERYTHING goes in his mouth
  • Starting to make more "defined" sounds, but babble-yelling / dino screeching continue to be his favorite noises to make (oh and farting / spitting)
  • Can go from sitting up to his belly, and from his belly he can rotate around and around, but doesn't make much movement forward (occasionally he pushes himself backwards); can't seem to figure out the leg aspect of crawling
  • Started reaching out to me (especially for comfort)
  • Continues to be a super mellow, happy guy; very content to entertain himself
  • Still LOVES Dakota, we often see him smiling / talking to her
  • We often catch him glancing down at his belly (or diaper if that's all he's wearing) and running his hand over it like, "What the heck is this?"

That's all for now. XOXO!