5 Months Young

Today Cedar is 5 months old! HOW? WHY? etc. Him in a nutshell:

  • Rolling around like a crazy man, but seemingly in slow motion (lifts legs - HOLD - turns to side - HOLD - rolls onto tummy - HOLD - pulls hands out from under him -HOLD - lifts head - HOLD - smiles)
  • Top heavy (95 percentile for head)
  • A long and lean dude
  • Has started teething :( = SO much drool
  • Likes to put everything in his mouth (but especially his feet)
  • Has started making grunting noises that turn into high pitched squeals AND THEY ARE SO LOUD; (possibly a pterodactyl baby?)
  • Continues to be incredibly social--he loves to look at people and will usually give them a smile
  • Continues to giggle at all farting, snorting, Donald Duck sounds
  • Has taken 4 plane rides already 
  • Loves "If I were an owl..." book and this toy
  • LOVES music and singing
  • An awesome sleeper
  • Has had a few small tastes of banana, avocado, sweet potato and other things (doesn't seem impressed or phased)
  • Rocking a comb over hard, and also has teeny tiny dreadlocks on the back of his head

We continue to fall more in love with our little dude and his old man ways every day. It is so amazing watching him grow and discover the world around him. Is it bad that I want to eat his little cheeks right off of his face? Didn't think so.