A Whale of a Time

Living in Brooklyn is the best (sorry, everywhere else). However, the charmed city life can be cramped, especially when you add a dog and baby to the mix. I say this not to complain (because seriously that is soooo lame, and our apartment is the best), but merely to point out the fact that space is limited, and so is our stuff (or at least in theory). 

When we discovered that Cedar was on the way, aside from terrifying joy (I can explain that later), one of my first thoughts was, "WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT THIS BABY'S STUFF?!" I wanted to make sure we had what we needed, but didn't go overboard (which is incredibly easy with a baby--did I mention they make baby bang headbands?) Anyways, we decided that for us a combination of quality and practicality (Read: Ikea crib) was more important than quantity. 

That brings me to Mr. Whale here. For Cedar's first Christmas we wanted to give him something timeless that could be special to him as he grows up. We decided on a whale from Big Stuffed, and it's pretty much the best. I should mention we got him the smallest version (ahem, apartment living) but man, I sort of want one of those enormous ones just hanging out on my couch. 

More later. XOXO!