16 Months Old

These pictures basically sum up a lot of this past month. Taking something away he wants--tantrum. Not picking him up when he wants--tantrum. OH THE MISERY! He really is a sweet boy, just with a side of attitude, LORD help me. Here are the highlights:

  • Recently learned to jump...as in squatting and bouncing his bum up and down, occasionally making his way to his tippy toes
  • SUCH an attention man, when there is a crowd he always looks around to see who is watching, and after he thinks he has done a task worth while, starts clapping, which he expects and hopes everyone to join in
  • Started doing a cheesy grin where he smiles really big and squints his eyes--did I mention he is a HAM
  • Loves to flirt and smile at strangers, especially to fellow passengers on a plane
  • Loves to DANCE, which basically means bouncing his tush up and down while wildly flailing his arms around, and occasionally getting into a downward dog position (but with his head on the ground and his arms out behind him)--it's truly hard to explain
  • Points at lights everywhere--in the car, in restaurants, on the subway, on the street
  • We are finding out that he is quite the sauce man (ketchup? syrup -- is that a sauce?)
  • Has perfected cell phone etiquette, or at the very least holding anything that remotely looks like a phone up to his ear 

All for now! XOXO!