15 Months Old

This is a late one for sure, but better than never! Here are the Cedar specs as of a few weeks ago:

  • Tries to "step off" small curbs and steps without bending his knees, which of course results in many falls
  • Started really talking the week leading up to his 15 month bday, especially repeating. His repertoire now includes: "dada", "mama", "all done", "cheese"--and OF COURSE-- "uh-oh"; he has said other things once, but normally he won't do any talking on demand, it has to be when he wants to; also usually when you ask him to say anything, he usually responds with "dada" and thinks it's hilarious
  • One game he still loves is to put a blanket or scarf over his head and "hide" to which PJ and I say, "Where's Cedar?" and then when he uncovers himself we say,"There he is!" Well we had been playing for quite some tim one morning and he uncovered himself and we didn't notice, so then he said "There he is!" and we were laughing hysterically
  • Has definitely started running (Lord help me!)
  • If you ask him where his nose is, he puts his finger up his nose--in his defense he is right
  • Continues to be a random picky eater (but somehow is still managing to be huge)

That's all for now! I know I'm forgetting things, but these are the highlights, at least I think...