14 Months Old

This guy is growing up so fast. Daily I look at him and think, weren't you just a little mush like--yesterday or two days ago? How the heck are you walking now, occasionally in the correct direction? Here are a few highlights from the past month:

  • Cedar loves to help clean! If I get the broom out or the vacuum, he RUNS over and tries to "help". Really if I give him any sort of cleaning device (sponge, dust pan, etc.) he acts as if he is cleaning.
  • He continues to LOVE books, in fact, I would say they are his favorite thing right now. The funny thing is he really prefers to "read" them on his own. When I approach him and try to read it to him, he looks at me like, "Not now mom, I'm busy." Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? continues to be his favorite.
  • He gives hugs and kisses now (though they aren't common), mostly to PJ when he leaves in the morning (which is now always accompanied by crying--nobody likes to see Papa go)
  • Super ticklish--especially on his ribcage
  • Loves floor pillows / bean bags / dakotas dog bed, etc.; He runs and dives on them, it's pretty hilarious
  • Is now tall enough to reach his hands on top of tables, countertops, etc. and do a sweep or grab of whatever happens to be close to the edge -- AWESOME!
  • Constantly climbing up, on or into things. Our coffee table has been permanently flipped upside down due to an incident of climbing, grabbing Dad's ukulele OFF THE FIREPLACE MANTLE, and mom having an attack (ok honestly I wanted to take a picture, but I figured that was secondary to making sure I didn't have any jumping-off-the-table scenarios)
  • Always trying to climb up steps standing, apparently not realizing his legs are too short
  • I mentioned this briefly above, but he LOVES the vacuum cleaner. If I get it out, he runs over and investigates it--almost as if he is trying to figure this thing out. He also always stands in front of it while I'm vacuuming which is COOL BRO
  • He's always talking, but it's pretty much like we have an exchange student living with us who doesn't speak a lick of english--aside from the offhanded "mama", "dada" and "oh" (he might be saying "hi" too? I honestly don't know, all I do know is that there are a lot of clucking and yodeling sounds going on)
  • He loves dancing--he squats and moves his booty up and down (sometimes while is hands and arms straight out behind him facing up
  • He holds the record for unearthing iPhones that have been stuck in couch cushions, hidden atop tables under magazines and the like, and once he gets his hands on it, he instantly has Siri saying "Sorry I didn't get that" to which he laughs with glee

That's all for now! XOXO