12/13 Months Old

Who knows how much longer I will keep doing monthly updates, but for now it seems like a good way to help me remember things, and hopefully entertain a few of you along the way. This is what Cedar is up to:

  • Still only has three teeth (which is pretty hilarious, because his top tooth is all the way in, standing solo), and though he STILL continues to "act" like he's teething, I'm not buying it, he'll just have three teeth forever
  • He started taking unassisted steps a few weeks before his 1st birthday, but I would say it was just one week ago that he decided, "this is what I do now!" instead of frantically barreling toward whatever piece of furniture was closest hoping to make it before he fell forward
  • Continues to LOVE cars--when he plays with them he always moves them back and forth making a motor sound with his mouth
  • Balls also remain a top favorite and he has gotten quite good at throwing them, oh yeah, and at throwing EVERYTHING ELSE
  • If you ask him what a dog says, he goes, "hmmm, hmmm" with his mouth closed (but I swear it sounds like a dog) --- He also does this when he sees a dog or hears a dog barking (MELT!)
  • This sound machine is his favorite thing EVER (thanks to our landlord Grumps for that one) and every time he presses a button he looks up to see who is laughing or paying attention to him
  • Really wants to use a fork and/or spoon when he eats, and only gets food mostly everywhere when he tries, so, we're getting there?
  • One of his favorite pastimes is getting out all of the tupperware (mostly the lids actually) and carrying it around the apartment
  • If he sees that the bathroom door has mistakingly been left open (cough, PJ, cough), he RUNS in, and goes straight for his infant bottle of Motrin, which he likes to carry around with him at all times (other activities that happen in the bathroom: unravelling the toilet paper, throwing things in the toilet (and retrieving them), and putting various body parts in the toilet) OH JOY!
  • Constantly talking to himself (and making himself laugh), but who knows WHAT language this guy is talking in
  • Becoming very ticklish (especially under his armpits and on his ribcage)
  • Loves to "ride" on people's legs like a horse
  • Loves to "help" Papa cook--he's quite the accomplished whisker 

There are a million more things, but we are having one of those weeks--you know the kind where naps are apparently optional, food is meant to be smashed into the dogs face (or thrown on the floor), and everything is a toy. BUT, darn it if that kid still isn't the best. XOXO