4 Months Young

Today Cedar is 4 months old and continues to rock a giiiinormous head! Here is him in a nutshell:

  • Generally a happy, mellow dude
  • Has rolled from tummy to back, and back to tummy but only a few times, and it's not regular (mildly impressive)
  • Insists on sitting forward instead of just leaning back when being held; also prefers standing to sitting (READ: WILL NOT BEND AT WAIST)
  • Just started holding / grasping "toys" (which apparently includes hair)
  • Sleeps through the night (holla atcha girl!)
  • Giggled for the first time last week while being tickled (victory!)
  • Very social: loves being talked to and talking back (especially with PJ); loves singing and music (phew)--and he especially loves low voices (Barry White?)
  • Very pleased to entertain himself on the floor, kicking around, making a lot of noise, hitting toys (in general being a baby)
  • Continues to LOVE his changing table. Never have a seen such a fierce kicking jolly baby (I don't get it either)
  • Loves getting dressed by his awesome mom and looking fly (ok I slipped that in there, but he actually doesn't mind)
  • His Dislikes: Putting on second layers and hats? STOP NOW MOM; getting him in his carseat? NO THANKS; going down for naps? HE'D RATHER NOT; having air blown in his face? (probably obvious, but we had to try); putting him on his stomach for too long? ABSOLUTE MELTDOWN

However, my favorite thing about this kid right now is that every morning (ok nearly every morning), he wakes up with a smile on his face (and I'm not exaggerating). It's such a reminder to seize each day with joy and gratitude. Here's hoping we can all wake up that way.