From top to bottom: At a family friend's wedding in Rhode Island; Posing with the horses near the ceremony; A tuckered pup; At the Ben & Jerry's factory in VT; PJ's "mediocre" cappuccino; PJ post cappuccino; PJ with a creemie (soft serve) at a local VT spot called Seb's, where he went as a kid with his family; At the waterfront on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT; At a local guitar shop in Burlington, VT; The extraordinary view from our room in Burlington; Sunflowers from last week at our local farmer's market


Well folks, it's been a busy summer. Just last week PJ and I were talking about how fast my pregnancy has gone by, realizing of course that our little dude will be with us in a matter of weeks. We travelled for weddings near and far the past couple of weeks, and while in Burlington for one such wedding, decided to extend our stay into a babymoon of sorts. We had SUCH a good time. We ate a lot of ice cream, stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast near downtown and really just had the chance to relax, catch up and start freaking out about how we will be parents soon. If you've never been to Burlington, VT I would highly recommend it.

So that brings us to today I suppose. PJ is busy working, as am I, and for now, we wait (in a very busy-putting-stuff-together-how-do-you-install-a-car-seat kind of way). It is very odd knowing exactly what will happen in a few weeks (that we will have a baby), but at the very same time having literally no idea what will happen and how it will change our world. It's terrifying to be sure, but incredibly exciting. More soon I hope. XO