Last weekend my mom and sister threw me a beautiful baby shower in Seattle that was fit for the hipster-ist baby around. There was a mocktail bar (the rosemary limeade spritzer was my fave), delicious food (mustache shaped mini-PB & J sammies anyone?), and a mound of thoughtful, incredibly generous gifts. I felt so blessed and loved, as did the bump.

I am approaching the beginning of my 30th week!!! Which you know--IS INSANE. It seems this little man is coming whether we are ready or not. I am feeling great, which is such a blessing, and having the support and love of so many family and friends is making each step toward becoming parents a little less overwhelming.

Nesting is in full swing at our place these days. This weekend we cleaned out closets, organized tons and rented a storage unit--possibly the best thing ever. It's the small things folks, or should I say THE EXTRA HUGE CLOSET. It turns out one baby = a million things, like literally, a million objects. Luckily most of their "things" are mini in size, at least that's what I keep telling myself. 

In other news Baby H is a serious mover and shaker. My belly has become a feature attraction in the apartment and beyond. Either there is a baby in there, or I am having some seriously creepy stomach issues. It's a very real possibility that people on the subway or street have looked at my belly and seen a little mutant punch, hopefully they don't mind.

That's all for now. More to come soon. XOXO

PS: My Grandma Linman made me the beautiful flower crown I was wearing.