Oh Baby: The First Bumpdate

We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding a tiny sir to our clan on September 17 of this year! We feel incredibly blessed, insanely excited and the appropriate amount of terrified. And yes, we are staying in Brooklyn (in case you were wondering). Who wouldn't want to tough it out in a one-bedroom apartment with an infant? BRING IT ON (wait, what are we signing up for...HELP)!

No, but really, it's a no brainer for us. This is our home and the place we want to raise a family, as crazy as it may seem to some. I'm so excited to share the parts of the city I have come to love the most with our little dude, as I know is PJ. 

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: my mom's reaction when we told her the news. We gave her a vintage photo album that had a sonogram picture in it (as you will see, she fails to notice it the first time around, but somehow finds an old metro card in there).

More bumpdates soon as things progress. Thanks for being a part of our lives. XOXO!