Where Words May Fail

Many of you know that music has played a significant role in our relationship. Our very first "real" conversation was about one of my favorite bands at the time, Death Cab for Cutie (we were both pretty into Transatlanticism at the time). The rest, as they say, is history. From performing together multiple times, to seeing countless shows throughout NYC and beyond, there is something about music that moves us both in unspeakable ways. I'm hoping to start doing a regular post about what we have been listening to a lot, new or not new.

Recently, we have both really been into Max Richter. He's a British composer who writes both traditional classical music, and I suppose somewhat experimental classical music. In 2012 he released an album of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which he had recomposed. The song below is from this album, entitled "Spring 1" and is simply breathtaking (though I really recommend listening to the whole album, it's on Spotify and Soundcloud). Enjoy. Until next time.