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Cedar, 7 Weeks

Cedar, 7 Weeks

It has almost been two months since I held Cedar in my arms for the first time, and what an incredible two months it has been. Most of the time I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and yet somehow it seems I was always meant to be his mom. So far, I am mostly in awe of being a parent. You set off on this journey with no real guidance or experience, and yet each day discover something unexpected and even beautiful among the dirty diapers and late nights. But enough about me for now, on to the babe. In honor of his being 8 weeks old, I thought I'd share 8 things about Cedar.

1. He audibly farts most--if not all--of the time. Never have we wondered whether or not our tiny gentleman has a poopy diaper, he lays rest to any and all doubt (and usually with a smile).

2. He LOVES lying on his changing table. That's right folks, a baby who loves his changing table, I don't know what to tell you. He would lay there all of the time happily if we let him.

3. When being held, he always want to face out. We like to think it's because he's already busy discovering and exploring the world around him (particularly the black and white photographs from the 1950s of my Grandpa Art behind our couch).

4. He kicks his right leg very fast and often when he's on his back. Perhaps it's arbitrary, but it's hilarious because it looks like he is participating in a complicated river dance (two right kicks for every left).

5. He has successfully peed on most things in our bathroom (where his changing table is located): curtains, floor, closet doors, rugs, bathroom door, Dad's towel, Mom's clothes she left on the bathroom floor (guess I deserved that one), the clean outfit lying next to him, the clean diaper just placed on him...and most people who have ever changed him. So far Dakota is the only one who has escaped him.

6. Sometimes he "coos" when he smiles, and yeah, I dare you not to melt if you ever experience it.

7. Cheeks on cheeks on cheeks.

8. When he smiles he squints (just like his dad).

Thanks for tuning in. XOXO!