Weeks 5-27

Week 5


Cedar @ 3.4 Years Old: The natural history museum has to be one of his favorite places in the city...happy that it's one of mine too.

Week 6


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: The first time he painted a picture that didn't eventually turn a shade of gray due to the never-ending mixing of colors.

Week 7

Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: I call this one, "A Boy and His [Pathetic] Sad Hound Amongst Moving Boxes"

Week 8


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: I don't think this really needs a caption to be honest.

Week 9


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: Our last time at the Lincoln Street playground before we moved to our new apartment

Week 10

Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: Cedar being a saint while we cleaned, painted and prepped our new apartment. He was armed with the essentials folks: IPad, race car pillow, horse blanket and a fully consumed lunch.

Week 11

Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: The early stages of getting C's new room set up. His space was our priority as we unpacked the apartment.

Week 12


Cedar @ 3.6 Years Old: Exploring our new corner of Prospect Park.

Week 13


Cedar @ 3.5 Years Old: Easter Egg squatting.

Week 14


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Cedar serving up some Breakfast Club vibes in his snazzy jacket.

Week 15


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Cedar and his new baby sister, Willie.


Willie @ 1 Day Old: A head full of hair and a speedy arrival. Our hearts are full.

Week 16


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Loving his new role as big brother. Always asking if he can hold her, it usually lasts about 20 seconds.


Willie @ 1 Week Old: Getting to know her papa.

Week 17


Cedar @ 3.7 Years Old: Taking the oversized headphones look to a new level. ALSO: What did parents do before the IPad?


Willie @ 2 Weeks Old:  Checking out her new world.

Week 18


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Riding carousels continues to be one of Cedar's favorite activities, I'm just glad Papa can go with him.


Willie @ 3 Weeks Old: Papa is often in photos this time around thanks to Etsy and their 6 month paternity leave policy. We are all SO grateful. 

Week 19


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Taking in the cherry blossoms.

Willie @ 4 Weeks Old: My first Mother's Day as a Mama of two.

Week 20

Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Modeling his completed craft project.

Willie @ 5 Weeks Old: Hand for scale (and warmth). Miss W getting her one month check up.

Week 21


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: This past week, our little guy's appendix ruptured, leading to surgery and a nine day stay in the hospital. It was---traumatic to say the least. Luckily we are surrounded by great friends and family who were there supporting us each step of the way.

Willie @ 6 Weeks Old: This is Willie's resting face--no but seriously. Despite that, she was a real trooper being dragged back and forth from the hospital, taking bottles for the first time and being held by an assortment of friends and family.

Week 22


Cedar @ 3.8 Years Old: Getting an ice cream treat with papa attempting to put back on some LBS after his hospital stay.


Willie @ 7 Weeks Old: Just some gal pals hanging out.

Week 23


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old & Willie @ 8 Weeks Old: Mornings have become my favorite time of day thanks to these two.

Week 24


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old & Willie @ 9 Weeks Old: A moody threenager, a hot dad and a crying infant = #accurate. Happy Father's Day PJ! I absolutely love you and our tiny tots.

Week 25


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old: Playing at the fun water feature at Domino Park in Willamsburg (where the ol' Domino sugar factory used to be).

Willie @ 10 Week Old: Her face about 90% of the time.

Week 26


Cedar @ 3.9 Years Old: Enjoying his cake push-pop at the Dekalb Market Hall.


Willie @ 11 Weeks Old: What did I tell you about that face?

Week 27

Cedar @ 3.10 Years Old: I can't express to you what an amazing big brother Cedar is--kind, gentle (most of the time?) and always willing to help.


Willie @ 12 Weeks Old: She mixes in some pretty spectacular smiles amongst her serious scowls.

3 Years 3 Months Old


This last two months have been nuts, for whatever reason, here is a brief recap:

  • LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES listening to music at all times
    • Favorites include: Movie soundtracks (Moana, Zootopia, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Dory, and CARS -- officially can't take "Life is a Highway" anymore), "Lone Ranger music"-- ie: Hank Williams, "Pirate Music" -- ie: Celtic Punk / Hardcore? 
  • Some rather funny things he is saying these days: "It's not better for me", "No sir!" to either PJ or myself when we tell him something he doesn't want to hear, "Christmas, Santa, what are you talking about!", in response to us telling him that Christmas was Jesus' Birthday: "But he's not a real man, just a pretend one"; "Can I play for five more minutes?" -- always and forever
  • Always requests "Cold water with some ice in it"
  • Has been waking up every morning recently requesting five eggs for breakfast
  • Still insists he has to use the bathroom 100 times from about 8pm (when he goes to bed) to 8:30pm (Usually he comes out of his room, says he needs to go, and then looks at us and says, "What are you guys doing?" FACE PALM
  • Wants to eat his PB & J sandwiches on tortillas, calls granola "crunchies", raspberries continue to be his favorite fruit, but pancakes still take the top prize
  • Completely elated by all things Christmas, but mostly the decorations and lights
  • When asked about Santa his response is usually so-so...he recently suggested to PJ that he should tell Santa what he (Cedar) wants for Christmas when we go see him and up until this point has only requested a bat, and no, not the baseball kind, but a LIVE BAT "like at the big zoo"
  • Recently asked for french fries on his toast -- so we're definitely winning at this parenting thing

3 Years 1 Month Old


I'm progressively getting worse and worse at remembering to write things down, but still trucking along:

  • Favorite books this month include: "Creepy Pair of Underwear" by Aaron Reynolds and "My Dad Used to Be Cool" by Keith Negley
  • Loves going on "Dude Dates" with PJ (usually on a weekly basis) 
  • A lot of times when we ask him to do something (or not to do something) he says, "Stop joking on me" -- still not sure what that means
  • Recently asked PJ about his guitar pedals, and then proclaimed, "Oh, do you use them when your guitar goes too fast to slow it down?"
  • Finally started getting out of bed to use the bathroom (WHICH IS GREAT AND ALL), but it has also meant for some terrifying middle of the night and early morning door opening shenanigans
    •  TMI: Sits on the toilet for 30+ minutes reading books when pooping
  • Scootering the neighborhood like a pro (and only occasionally causing me to have a panic attack)
  • Has recently gotten more into dress up (thinks ALL hats are cowboy hats)
  • Starting to become a little boy (SO MUCH ENERGY) -- there's really no other way to say it